Real Opportunities.

Welcome to! We are proud to be a part of the ES Network and Expediter Services, LLC. Over the past 10 years, Expediter Services has worked diligently to become the largest provider of capacity to the trucking industry’s expedited trucking sector.


Real Support.

While the ES Network features excellent financing options, top-line equipment and access to profitable opportunities, the expertise and dedication of our professionals in answering questions and addressing issues behind the scenes stands as the heartbeat of our program.


Real Success.

Opening Doors: Women & Truck Ownership

The ES Network and the Team are proud to be working with the Women In Trucking organization to develop ownership opportunities for women interested in both expedited transportation and in general trucking. Over the past four decades, women have pioneered significant changes in the trucking industry. Trucking ownership through independent contracting is the next glass ceiling to be broken. Through the offerings of the ES Network, the playing field has been leveled for women seeking to enter the trucking industry as owner-operators.