Beginning the week of January 30th, will begin running a series of ads on the Red Eye Radio Network, a nationally syndicated program which can be heard on hundreds of broadcast stations throughout the United States.

In what has become an institution that has lasted for more than 45 years, the Red Eye Radio Network has served as a dependable friend to professional drivers traveling the highways overnight. The Red Eye Radio Network, which runs from 12 midnight to 6 am Central Time seven days a week, is hosted by Eric Harley and Gary McNamara. These highly entertaining and experienced hosts cover a broad range of issues that are of interest to professional drivers and the trucking industry. In fact, one edition of Red Eye Radio was featured on C-SPAN cable television during the week prior to the Inauguration of President Trump.

In the coming weeks and months, listeners to Red Eye Radio will hear a series of messages covering the various aspects of the programs and opportunities we are offering through Listeners to Red Eye Radio will also be able to hear interviews with the leadership team at the ES Network, discussing what we are building for drivers and owner-operators through

We would like to invite you to check out Red Eye Radio. You can visit the Red Eye Radio website by clicking here. As the interviews broadcast about become available, we will be sharing them here in the Latest News section of our website. We also plan to use this section of our website to share trucking news from various resources that we believe will benefits drivers and owner-operators.