In an effort to continue to provide you with the latest insights and helpful tips, recently launched a YouTube channel featuring interviews and perspectives from industry leaders and innovators. As part of this effort, was honored to have the opportunity to interview Ellen Voie, the President and CEO of Women In Trucking. In addition, the cameras were present for a recent presentation by Mike Welch, one of the pioneers of expedited transportation and the founder of Express-1. Mike now serves as the President of Magnate Worldwide.

The interview with Ms. Voie and the presentation by Mr. Welch are part of the initial rollout of the YouTube channel. As we collect more interviews and develop more segments with industry leaders and innovators, plans to share those through our YouTube platform.

Ms. Voie’s story of how she founded Women In Trucking and the organization’s growth over the past decade is quite inspirational. During the interview, viewers learn about the early days of Women In Trucking and what has been accomplished by the organization over the past 10 years. She also discusses some of the goals she has identified for Women In Trucking over the next 10 years, including seeing the number of women truck owners grow as the organization and the trucking industry moves into the future. To watch Ms. Voie’s interview in the YouTube channel, please click here.

Taped during his presentation to the Expediters Group Gathering hosted in May by Expediter Services, Mr. Welch recalls his early days in the industry and the founding of Express-1. Mr. Welch also discusses his return to the expedited transportation sector following a four-year break after selling his holdings in the company he founded. To watch Mr. Welch’s presentation, please click here.