Presenting Trucking’s Newest MBA: A Much Better Alternative To Ownership

Did you know that the ES Network can make it possible for you to earn your MBA in trucking without attending a college class or going through a CDL school? At the ES Network, our MBA represents a key component on our Path To Ownership program. To be precise, our MBA stands for a Much Better Alternative to the old approach of traditional finance options available for truck ownership. Rather than placing a strict focus on credit scores and available collateral in assessing a loan to purchase a truck, the ES Network’s MBA method places significant weight on your work history and productivity. Are you a reliable driver with a good safety record? Quite often, your standing as a professional driver is more important than a marginal credit history or other issues that a traditional lender might flag.

Through the Much Better Alternative financing program, the ES Network welcomes first-time buyers as well as non-homeowners. The ES Network features market competitive rates that apply to the wide spectrum of loan applicants. Those applicants who can demonstrate a commitment to doing what it takes to become a successful owner-operator can overcome many of the hurdles they would otherwise encounter when pursuing the same loan from a traditional lender.

The benefits of pursuing your trucking MBA with the ES Network doesn’t stop with access to top-line equipment and affordable financing. The Much Better Alternative offered by the ES Network includes a host of support programs focused on assisting new owner-operators achieve the levels of success they are seeking from the expedited segment of the trucking industry.

Participants in the ES Network have enjoyed the lowest true fuel costs in the industry, aggressive fleet insurance rates to individuals, exclusive freight history information, industry-leading operational support and back-office support.

While the MBA offered through the ES Network is not an actual degree that you can put next to your name or hang on a wall, it does provide all owner-operators who take advantage of a Much Better Alternative the opportunity to reach toward the highest degree of success possible in expedited ground transit.

“I knew I wanted to stay in the trucking industry. So, I began doing research online. I found the Expediter Services website and learned about the many services they offer to both Contractors and Owner Operators. The Path To Ownership really piqued my interest, as I had always wanted to own my own truck. I contacted them to get more information. I learned that the PTO was real and that I could use my work history with ES to buy a truck. From that point on, I was onboard.”




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