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Even with all the in-cab and smart phone technology available, professional drivers need people behind the scenes supporting their efforts. And given the additional demands running a business as an owner-operator requires, an effective support team can often be the difference between success and failure. In establishing the resources of the ES Network, we are truly invested in the success of owner-operators who have placed their trust in the ES Network. We are always poised to go the extra mile for those who seek out our help.

While the ES Network features excellent financing options, top-line equipment and assistance in finding profitable opportunities, the expertise and dedication of our professionals in answering questions and addressing issues behind the scenes stands as the heartbeat of our program. We are truly invested in the success of owner-operators who have placed their trust in the ES Network. We are always poised to go the extra mile for those who seek out our help.

In addition to offering a 24-hour maintenance hotline and other traditional over-the-road support services, the ES Network has assembled the resources to respond to the needs of owner-operators and fleet owners, assisting them in various aspects involved in the business of trucking.

Noting Specific Support Services

The business analysis support provided by the ES Network offers perspective and help within the following five key areas:

  • Location Analysis:

    This service is designed to assist owner-operators and fleet owners to see the ratio of which location is used the most when fueling. Location analysis assists to ensure that fueling is taking place at the correct locations to assist maximizing fuel discounts.

  • R&M Analysis:

    Helps owners determine the amount of maintenance cost to help determine if it’s time to upgrade to a newer unit.

  • Loaded Miles Analysis:

    Helps owners to compare the current year’s loaded miles against previous years’ loaded miles. For fleet owners, this analysis also shows the percentage that each truck has contributed to total of miles.

  • Discount Analysis:

    Allows owners to see the amount of discounts received by being a part of our program. In addition, our fuel network offers participants deep discounts that go directly to your bottom line. We feature one of the best insurance programs in the industry with affordable rates, and the ES Network’s repair and maintenance program is a leader in the industry.

  • Deadhead Miles Analysis:

    The metrics in these studies show total miles driven, total loaded miles, total approved deadhead miles and total unapproved deadhead miles.

The professionals involved with supporting owner-operators utilizing the ES Network also have expertise in generating income statements with ratios – allowing owners to see how revenue and expenses are trending. Along with fuel analysis, the support team can create a key performance indicator dashboard, which allows the professionals on the road to drill deep into a range of specifics impacting the operation of their business.

The value of support when you are running a business out on the road cannot be overstated. The lines of communication between the participants in our program and our support team are always open. Owner-Operators who are part of the ES Network will Never Stand Alone.

“One of the most exciting things about becoming expediters is the support we get from ES. They were able to provide us with real revenue projections of the cash flow we can produce with this truck. The information helped make us comfortable with the purchase and gave us a real goal to shoot for, which I know we can do because of our work ethic. Also, the on-going support from ES’s Owner Operator program provides us with the help we need with paperwork and settlements.  Once we got the financing in place, we signed on with Panther as our carrier. We’ve been on the road since September and haven’t stopped running since.”




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