Growth Opportunities For Fleet Owners

At, we understand the challenges fleet owners face when it comes to expanding the size and scope of your operation. Some of those hurdles include access to financing for trucks and the ability to seat quality professional drivers. As part of the ES Network of Services, the Team has the experience, knowledge and dedication necessary to assist fleet owners in achieving their capacity growth goals. Are you looking for trucks and the financing necessary to secure a fleet expansion? Are you in need of upgrading your existing fleet to maintain control of your cost and driver satisfaction? If the answer is yes to those questions, let our team at the ES Network help you discover a greater level of SuccessInTrucking.

Access To Equipment

The ES Network features a Sales Division, offering some of the most competitive pricing on both Straight Trucks and Class 8 tractors. Fleet Owners can choose equipment from the leading brand names in the industry, including Freightliner, Kenworth and Volvo. Through our network, we have the ability to offer customized equipment, including expediter-specific equipment set-ups for hauling either dry-freight or refrigerated cargo, giving fleet owners the ability to grow your fleet in any direction that you wish.

Access To Financing

Trucking offers incredible opportunities for those people who are interested in building businesses from the ground up. However, the ability to promote and enjoy growth within a small trucking operation can be dependent on access to capital funds. Most fleet owners do not have the buying power afforded to larger trucking operations.  Working through the ES Network, fleet owners can obtain access to financing at highly competitive rates and terms. The strength of the ES Network and our ability to work with fleet owners to grow your fleets through one of the best financing platforms in the trucking industry is second to none.

Utilization of Teams: The Road To Great Success In Trucking

No matter the size of the fleet and at every level of trucking, success is most often dependent upon the number of miles driven during the hours allowed under the regulations governing the industry. Team operations – complete with sleeper cabs – offer fleet owners the most effective approach to maximize the utilization of your equipment. In any given 24-hour period, a team operation practically has double the earning capacity of trucks driven by solos.

The ES Network specializes in assisting fleet owners to find expedited freight opportunities that leverage the talents of teams behind the wheel. The ES Network can help fleet owners in developing highly efficient team operations that keep the wheels turning with revenue miles.

“When it comes to owning your own truck, it’s all about timing and opportunity. My plans are to start building a fleet in the near future and I have no doubt I will be able to achieve this goal with Expediter Services supporting me. When the time comes for me to purchase another truck from Expediter Services/Expediter Truck Sales, I’ll know it.”




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