Opening Doors: Women & Truck Ownership

The ES Network and the Team are proud to partner with the Women In Trucking organization to develop ownership opportunities for women interested in expedited transportation. Over the past four decades, women have pioneered significant changes in the trucking industry. Truck ownership through independent contracting is the next glass ceiling to be broken.

Through the platform being offered by the ES Network, the playing field has been leveled for women seeking to enter the trucking industry as owner-operators. In fact, by joining the expedited transit segment of the trucking industry, women, in contrast to the majority of truckload or LTL opportunities available today, can enjoy a number of advantages that allow for steady income and a solid career track. Those advantages include:

  • Entering the expedited sector with a Class B license and the opportunity to “learn on the job” and being in a position to gain your Class A CDL without incurring the debt from a trucking school.
  • Advancing your career trajectory by qualifying for credentials, such as HazMat, Passport, and DOD certifications, creating career-long enhanced income opportunities.
  • Being involved in freight moves that are 99% no-touch assignments.
  • Straight trucks and OTR vehicles in the ES Network feature automatic transmissions, meaning less fatigue.
  • Rather than truck stops, rest areas or other places with limited parking and security, women driving straight trucks can park practically anywhere, including malls, restaurants, RV parks, campgrounds and other locations that can enhance your safety and help with life on the road.
  • By entering the industry driving sprinter vans and straight trucks, you can enjoy a high level of flexibility in your schedule while getting a taste for the demands of the trucking industry.

Offering The Perfect Career-Launch Platform

The ES Network has a proven support system in place to assist all the owner-operators involved in our program. We have an established business model in place that is specifically tailored to assist women entering the expedited segment of the trucking industry to become productive and successful almost immediately. In addition, our experienced support team includes a large number of women on staff as well as men. Together, they make up a dedicated group who understand where you are coming from as someone entering the industry. They know how to help evaluate your position and how to provide help when and where you need it.

To visit the Women In Trucking website, please click here.

“When it comes to owning your own truck, it’s all about timing and opportunity. My plans are to start building a fleet in the near future and I have no doubt I will be able to achieve this goal with Expediter Services supporting me. When the time comes for me to purchase another truck from Expediter Services/Expediter Truck Sales, I’ll know it.”




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