Opening Doors To Opportunity

Welcome to! We are proud to be a part of the ES Network and Expediter Services, LLC. Over the past 10 years, Expediter Services has worked diligently to become the largest provider of capacity to the trucking industry’s expedited trucking sector. Along the way, Expediter Services has developed innovative solutions while assisting owner-operator teams to secure opportunities for success and growth.

The ES Network through is focused on expanding the opportunities for truck ownership with a program that offers access to financing at favorable rates and equipment from the leading truck manufacturers in the industry. As we launch, the ES Network will be broadening our operation with a proven platform that can assist professional drivers in their quest for independence and truck ownership while also introducing new generations to the tremendous earnings potential that exists in the trucking industry. and the ES Network are also looking forward to working with carriers throughout the trucking industry in the effort to bring new drivers into the market as owner-operators – increasing the availability of non-asset capacity that can be utilized in a variety of team transit operations.

We believe that can serve as part of the generational shift that will be taking place within the trucking industry in the coming years. Our path to ownership is perfect for a wide cross-section of demographic groups. Consider the following facts: Through our program, you can enter the industry with a Class B Commercial License and get a feel for the life of a road professional by driving a straight truck. If you wish to take the next step in the industry, experience with straight trucks can better position you for earning your Class A CDL. From there, a world of possibilities can open up as you drive Class 8 sleeper cabs – working in the field of expedited transportation or driving truckload or LTL freight assignments over the road.

A Proven Track Record Of Success

With the support of the ES Network, the professional drivers participating in the programs offered by will have the best opportunity available to become successful owner-operators. We are ready and willing to walk with you every step of the way. Because we serve customers in the expedited sectors of the trucking industry, we focus on developing ownership opportunities and support services for team drivers.

Over the past decade, Expediter Services and the ES Network have set the standard for developing reliable, quality owner-operator teams for the expedited market. As we begin, we have a proven track record of success and the infrastructure in place to offer opportunities with strong growth and earnings potential. We are also proud of the work that we have done in assisting a number of leading large carriers in the expedited transportation field grow their fleets through the addition of non-asset contract capacity.

We feel quite confident that the programs we have in place can appeal to a broad spectrum of people, including ex-military personnel seeking a career that utilizes many of the disciplines and organizational skills that can be found in the service. It can also be a great fit for entrepreneurs – men and women of all ages — who have a desire to travel while running their own business.

We are proud to be a partner with the Women In Trucking organization in the important work its leadership is doing to develop more ownership truck opportunities for women.

As far as being a part of the generational shift that can add needed capacity to the trucking industry, our platform should appeal to young people with a sense of adventure willing to learn a new industry and interested in running their own business.

Instant Access To Opportunity

The path to entering the trucking industry as an owner-operator has never been more accessible. The ES Network offers participants a range of choices from the leading names in truck equipment manufacturing.

Through our founders’ experience and networking in the banking industry, the ES Network is able to offer prospective owner-operators access to financing at favorable rates. We realize everyone may not be ready to finance a truck. We know that life can sometimes get in the way – hurting your credit score and available capital for a down payment. The ES Network’s path to ownership utilizes more than credit scores and financial data as part of the approval process. A driver’s work history – chiefly the ability to deliver on-time while maintaining a safe driving record – can often carry more weight than past credit history in evaluating the opportunities to become an owner-operator in the program.

Travel With Us On The Road Ahead

Over the coming weeks and months, will continue to expand our offerings with news, features, key information and perspective focused on the issues that matter most to the driving community. We invite you to join us on this journey designed to promote opportunities and success for owner-operators in the field of expedited trucking. We welcome your input and feedback as we move forward.

“As Expediters, you’re always learning. While taking our Path to Ownership, we learned that becoming Owner Operators is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. But when you find the right opportunity and the right support, you can achieve your dreams. In the future, we may purchase another truck or two and become fleet owners. But right now, we’re concentrating on doing what we do best and that’s driving — and that’s fine by us.”




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